If This Goes On (Don't Panic)!

Wanna Nominate Us for a Hugo or an Aurora?


For the first time ever, we are eligible for the Hugo fancast award. I think we have a lot to offer in this category. The requirements are as follows: Awarded for any non-professional audio- or video-casting with at least four (4) episodes that had at least one (1) episode released in the previous calendar year.

We easily meet those requirements with 21 total episodes released in less than 9 months, 11 of those recorded live on Twitch and the other 10 as edited podcasts.

We’re also eligible for Best Fan Related Work for the Aurora Awards. Co-host Diane is a Canadian citizen and advocate for Canadian science fiction and fantasy, and this year we featured Canadian guests, TTRPG developer and critic Graeme Barber, and Canadian SFF author Katje Van Loon.

I’m proud to say we, we’ve managed to spotlight the community members that bring us hope and keep the conversation moving toward progress including well known, traditionally published authors like Malka Older, to legends like James Morrow, and writers building their reputation like Berit Ellingsen and Rick Claypool, as well as a number of indie writers like CL Cannon, and Sarah Burhman. We’ve also interviewed editors, gamers, and community builders who make an impact in the SFF community.

If you would like to know where to start before nominating, here are some recommendations:

P. Djeli Clark


Malka Older


Arley Sorg & Christie Yant


Bill Campbell & Graeme Barber